5 Popular types of websites

The web is vast with billions of websites online. Each competing for some share of the attention people give from their online browsing each day. Starting a new website can be all too confusing and overwhelming, when you think of all the other websites out there; we understand that.

It is worth keeping in mind that among all these websites online, there are a lot of different types of websites each aiming to accomplish different things. This could also extend to one website achieving two or three very closely related things. As you consider the how and when best to get your website up and running, carefully consider what type of website you want it to be. Narrow down your goals and objectives to have a clear perspective of the kind of website you have in mind. We can be of great assistance in doing this.

Despite having some definite overlaps in functionality and layout, each type has its own particular goal to achieve and its own set of best practices. The more specific and focused a website is, the easier for visitors and potential clients to navigate and interact with.

Here are some of the most popular types of websites you’ll find online in brief;

  • E-Commerce

This is a website people can directly buy products from. They include a shopping cart and a way for you to provide online or delivery payment information to make a purchase.

If your goal is to run an online shop, then this is the type of website you need.

  • Business Website

Business websites are websites devoted to representing a specific business. It ought to be branded like the business and communicate the types of products and/ or services the business offers.

Every credible business ought to have a business because every potential client will assume that if they google your business, they’ll find your website. When clients don’t find your website for luck of your web presence, it spells illegitimacy for your business.

  • Nonprofit Website

Nonprofit organizations need to have a website just as businesses do. It offers the easiest way for any potential donor to make donations. The website will also offer the easiest way for people to learn more about the nonprofit and determine whether they want to support it.

  • Educational Website

These are institutional websites either offering physical of e-learning courses. Their primary goal is to provide educational materials to visitors or provide information on an educational institution that offers said educational material.

  • Personal Website

These are websites designed for personal branding. They may be to make money or not. These include personal blogs, vlogs and photo diaries people share with the world because of some value they find in sharing them.

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