5 more types of websites

It is clear that there are more than 10 types of websites, we covered the most common; now let’s add 5  more to the list. This covers a brief description so that you can get a quick idea of what these website types are like and decide which of them suits your need.

  • Blog

Blog websites are pretty common and you’d generally come across them on an everyday browsing period. They are online journals or informative websites that are regularly updated.

Blogs started with more casual, personal content but now the lines are blurred although there are websites that are strictly blogs. It is now extremely common for major brands and businesses to have their own blog section. This is mainly because having expert content on your website improves the overall credibility of a company or an individual. Blogs also provide material for social media posts and email campaigns.

  • Portfolio

This is a website used to showcase and promote examples of previous work; just as physical portfolios. Creatives of all kinds would find a home on a portfolio website not only to showcase their work but also to make a good first impression for prospective clients

  • Brochure

These websites are like digital business cards. These types of websites are used to, but not limited to advertise services, give an overview of a business or display contact information etc.

The content on these websites is generally pretty ‘static’; that’s to say it’s rarely updated.

  • Media Sites

Media websites collect stories or other reporting. Media and entertainment websites could have an overlap but the distinct feature of media websites is that it is more likely to contain reports pieces in addition to or instead of content meant purely for entertainment.

  • Web Portal

These are websites where staff or members of an organization can access particular information directed to them. They often involve a login and personalized views for different users that ensure the information that’s accessible is most useful to their particular needs. Web portals will generally involve more complicated programming and design than most of the other websites described on this list.

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